• Bamford and Thornhill from Shatton Moor

  • The Green, Bamford

  • The Moot, Thornhill

  • Bamford Village Institute

  • Thornhill Trail

  • Slack Lane, Thornhill

  • Behind The Anglers Rest and Post Office

  • Ladybower Reservoir from Bamford Edge

I grew up in a village in West Yorkshire and moved to Sheffield in 1979 when I came to study Medicine. I am a GP with interests in Mental Health and Parkinson’s. I have lived in the Hope Valley since 2001. I have 4 children and 2 grand-children. My interests include horse-riding, sharing music with my family, being outdoors and enjoying the wildlife we share our home with.

The place where we live plays a key role in our mental and physical wellbeing. My family and I enjoy living here and I want to contribute to our community by my membership of the Parish Council.